How Pizza Can Be Good for You

When some people think of pizza, they automatically consider it unhealthy and something that should only be eaten on special occasions. While it's true that some pizzas can be quite calorie-laden, there are choices you can make so that you can enjoy your pizza without all of the guilt. Ask your favorite pizza place if they offer a crust made from whole grains, which have more fiber and make you feel full sooner. You can also opt for thin crust, which will have fewer calories than a thick, chewy crust. Tomato sauce is a good source of vitamin C, so ask for extra on your pizza or get some on the side and dip your crust in it. Cheese contains calcium, which may help to keep you in shape, according to certain studies. Stick with vegetables and lean meats like chicken as toppings, and you'll have a healthier pizza in front of you.

Healthy Pizza Options

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Who Invented Pizza?

There's nothing quite like a hot, fresh pizza delivered right to your door, no matter what night of the week it is. With pizza delivery , you don't have to worry about cooking after a long day at work. On the weekend, grab the whole family and head to your pizza place where you know everyone will find something they like. As much as you like pizza, have you ever stopped to consider who invented it in the first place? Most people assume that pizza came from Italy, but it's possible that it originated someplace else. Read on to learn a few of the theories about where pizza came from.

Who Invented Pizza?

Naples in the 1700s
Naples was originally founded as a Greek city around the year 600 B.C. By the eighteenth century, Naples had become an important waterfront city inhabited predominantly by the working poor. At this point, Naples was considered independent, as Italy wasn't unified until 1861. The people who lived in Naples needed food that was inexpensive and could be eaten quickly, a habit that was looked down upon by upper classes. Street vendors and restaurants sold flatbreads, or pizzas, with different toppings that could be consumed on the go.

The King and Queen
After the unification of Italy, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita paid a visit to Naples. This royal pair requested food other than their normal menu of French cuisine, and received pizzas from a Neapolitan pizzeria. The queen's favorite pie was simple and featured the colors of the Italian flag: white mozzarella, red tomatoes, and green basil. It is possible that the queen's affinity for the pizza made it more of an acceptable food for upper classes, and not just something that the working poor ate, which helped to boost pizza's popularity.

Pizza in the U.S.
The first U.S. pizzeria documented and licensed to operate was G. Lombardi's, which was established in Manhattan in 1905. Pizza is now eaten all over the country and across the world in different variations. No matter who invented it, it's delicious any way you slice it.

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Perfect Pizza and Beer Pairings

If you're like many people, there's no way you'll turn down the opportunity to have pizza for dinner, whether you're with your family or just relaxing with friends. For the over-21 crowd, there is no better beverage pairing for pizza than an ice cold beer. Grab your friends and head to your favorite pizza place to share a pie, have a few cold ones, and catch up on the latest with everyone. There are many different possible pizza and beer pairings, so keep reading to learn about a few of the best ones.

Spicy Pizza
Pizza can pack a lot of flavor into one meal, especially when you opt for hot peppers or spicy sausage as toppings. If you're in the mood for a spicy pie, look for an India Pale Ale , or IPA, to help balance out the flavors. IPAs are very flavorful, with copious amounts of hops to contrast and complement the pizza. Not everyone is a fan of the strong taste of IPAs, however. If this is the case for you, try a brown ale that's slightly sweeter to pair with a spicy pizza.

Veggie Pizza
Whether you're a vegetarian or you're just in the mood for a pizza that's on the lighter side, there are many delicious fresh vegetables you can choose as toppings at your next pizza meal. A veggie pizza will have light, fresh flavors that pair well with beers that are also on the lighter side. A lager or a light witbier will cleanse your palate nicely, preparing your taste buds for the next bite of subtle and fresh flavors.

Hawaiian Pizza
People who have a taste for both savory and sweet may enjoy Hawaiian pizza, with juicy pineapple and delicious ham as toppings. If you're going for a taste of the islands tonight, choose a well-balanced beer that's neither too sweet nor too bitter for the perfect pairing.

Though all of these pizza and beer pairings are delicious, the most perfect pizza and beer pairing is simply the one you like best. Come in to Round Table Pizza in Morgan Hill to try your hand at pizza and beer pairings, and see which ones suit your fancy. Call us at (408) 310-4843 for more information about our menu.

Little Known Facts about Pizza

You probably count pizza as one of your favorite meals and rely on it as something that your kids will always enjoy. However, there is more to pizza than that! Watch this video to learn a few facts about pizza that might just surprise you.

Did you know that pizza originated as just a simple piece of flatbread? It was topped with whatever foods and garnishes were available at the time, such as tomatoes, sardines, and cheese. Pizza was just as quick and convenient when it was first invented as it is today. Naples, Italy, was the home of the very first pizzerias, but pizza quickly grew in popularity across Europe and to the United States.

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The Evolution of Pizza Through the Ages

With its sweet crust, succulent cheese, and savory toppings, pizza is one of the world's most loved foods. From Manhattan to Morgan Hill, there is at least one pizza place for every community. In a sense, it's hard to imagine a time when there was no pizza. But despite the consumption of flatbreads with toppings as far back as Ancient Egypt, pizza in its current form has only existed since the early 19th century.

Pizza word written on table

Naples: The Birthplace of Pizza
Pizza developed in the early 1800s as an inexpensive, easy-to-prepare food choice for the working class citizens of Naples. After Naples was joined with Italy in 1861, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita took a liking to good pizza, which they saw as an alternative to French food. The queen was partial to one particular recipe consisting of white cheese, tomatoes, and basil; that good pizza became her namesake: the Margherita.

Pizza Arrives in the U.S.
The late 1800s and early 1900s saw a mass migration of Neapolitans to the United States, and with them came pizza. They settled in places like New York, Boston, and Chicago, where the food vendors among them began selling pizzas to their fellow emigres. Soon enough, the smell and taste of good pizza began attracting American natives. In 1905, America's first pizza place, Lombardi's, was established in Manhattan.

Pizza Conquers the World
Following World War II, more Italians settled in other states and pizza soared in popularity across America. No longer seen as an exotic food, pizza was now being made to suit localized tastes. The phenomenon even spread back to Europe, where pizza was ironically viewed as an American cuisine. Eventually, pizza delivery chains were established to help satiate America's appetite for this tasty food.

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