A Look at the Health Benefits of Eating Pizza

Healthy Pizza in Morgan Hill

Health has never tasted so good. Pizza is not often thought of being nutritious, but surprisingly pizza has some great health benefits. The next time you have a pizza party in Morgan Hill you and your friends will be able to enjoy it without guilt. To learn about the great health benefits that pizza can offer you, read on.

The Sauce
Having a great sauce is what sets apart a good piece of pizza from a great piece of pizza. It also is where the health benefits of pizza start. Most pizza sauce is made from tomatoes, which are filled with nutrients your body thrives on. Tomatoes contain lycopene and the medical community is starting to believe that eating foods filled with lycopene can help reduce your risk for cancer. Beyond tomatoes, the sauce also contains nutrient rich foods such as garlic, onions, red peppers, and black olives. These foods are filled with vitamins, such as vitamin C, A, and B6.

The Toppings
The best part about pizza is the more delicious toppings you put on it, the more potential health benefits. Covering the top of your pizza with veggies like spinach, tomatoes, olives, etc. can bring your family all kinds of great nutrients. Even white meat toppings, like chicken, can add to the benefits of your meal.

Food Groups
Depending on what you choose for your pizza toppings, all your major food groups are in a slice of pizza. Along with the sauce, pizza dough contains antioxidant rich ingredients. The cheese on your pizza not only contains some protein, but is also calcium rich. Throwing veggies and meat on top add other vital nutrients, such as vitamins and protein. If you want to check off a serving of fruit, order pineapple as a topping and add even more vitamin C to keep your immunity strong.

The next time you wish to order a nutrient rich pizza, call Round Table Morgan Hill at (408) 779-6300. We look forward to keeping you and your family happy and healthy.

Weekly Pizza Specials from Round Table

Weekly Pizza Specials in Morgan HillOne of the many reasons why Round Table Pizza remains a favorite local pizza delivery place is because of the great weekly pizza specials we offer. Whether you love specialty pizzas or stick with your favorite classic pizza toppings, you can always find a great deal on pizza delivery or takeout pizza.

If you regularly order pizza delivery, you should sign up for our free mailing list. We’ll email you amazing coupons, special deals, and promotional offers that will save you money. You can also check out our website to find great deals offered at your local Round Table Pizza. You can find discounts on both pizza and our delicious sides, like salads, garlic twists, and chicken wings.

For information on pizza delivery specials near you, call your local Round Table Pizza in Morgan Hill at (408) 779-6300. You can also visit our website, where browsing our weekly pizza specials and ordering online is simple and fast.

Tips for Planning Your Next Pizza Party

Planning a pizza party in morgan hillIf you’re having people over for a game night, to celebrate a birthday, or to binge watch your favorite television show, ordering some pizza from your local pizza delivery place will take your party to the next level. With pizza places now serving both classic pies and specialty pizzas, it’s easy to find the perfect pizza for every guest.

Offer a Variety of Choices
Do your best to accommodate your guests’ dietary restrictions. Many pizza delivery places offer specialty pizzas perfect for those who are vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, or affected by food allergies. You should also offer a variety of pizza toppings. Some people prefer plain cheese, some want as many meat toppings as possible, and some love trying gourmet options, like artichoke hearts and eggplant.

Don’t Forget the Appetizers and Sides
Your menu doesn’t have to focus solely on pizza. Mix up the menu by choosing appetizers and sides from your local pizza place. This allows you to provide a healthier, more balanced meal, as your guests can pair their pizza with salad or another great side. Many pizza places also offer appetizers like chicken wings and garlic twists, which are always popular additions to the menu.

Order Before Your Guests Arrive
Pizza delivery does take time, and if you want the meal ready when your guests arrive, you should order your pizza delivery ahead of time. You can even get takeout pizza from your local pizza place. This not only ensures that the food will be hot and delicious when your guests get to your home, but it also allows you to make sure that the order is correct and complete while there is still time to fix it.

Let our friendly staff at Round Table Pizza help you plan your next pizza party in Morgan Hill. We have a varied menu that includes premium specialty pizzas, salads, chicken wings, and garlic twists. We can also provide pizza delivery, pizza pickup, or catering for your next pizza party. Check out our website for special deals and promotions, or call us today at (408) 779-6300 to place an order.

Planning a Pizza Party

The best birthday party is one with pizza delivery from your favorite local pizza place. Whether you’re throwing a party for kids or adults, everyone is sure to love fresh, delicious specialty pizzas.

Watch this video to learn some tips for planning the perfect pizza party. You’ll hear advice on throwing a fun, festive pizza party for your child’s next birthday.

At Round Table Pizza in Morgan Hill, we offer great weekly specials on pizza delivery and pizza pickup. Order from us for your next pizza party, and choose from a varied menu of specialty pizzas and appetizers, including salads, garlic twists, and chicken wings. Visit our website or call us today at (408) 779-6300 to place an order.

What Does Your Favorite Pizza Topping Say about You?

Pizza Toppings

The next time you order pizza delivery from your local pizza place, take a moment to consider what your favorite pizza toppings may reveal about your personality. Here are a few fun interpretations of how some common pizza toppings may reflect certain personality traits.

Meat Toppings
If pepperoni is your favorite pizza topping, you’re in the majority, as it’s consistently the most popular pizza delivery request. Those who love pepperoni are comfortable sticking with a good thing once they’ve found it, and they don’t harbor snobby pretensions. If you love the salty, spicy way that Italian sausage complements the creamy sauce and crumbly cheese of your pizza, you probably enjoy surprises and contradictions, and aren’t afraid to state a dissenting opinion in a crowd.

Vegetarian Toppings
If you love black olives on your pizza, you’re unique and confident. If you enjoy the crunchy zest of green peppers on your pizza, you have a vibrant, outgoing personality. If mushrooms are your go-to pizza topping, you’re just as happy going out on an adventure as you are staying in and watching a movie. If you choose basil or onions, you’re great at turning heads and charming a crowd.

Specialty Toppings
If you always turn to specialty pizzas or gourmet toppings, you aren’t comfortable blending in, and you may often want to be the center of attention. You enjoy being the first to know about something, whether it’s a news item, a piece of gossip, or that brand new local band that’s only played one show and hasn’t even released an album yet. You aren’t happy staying in one place for very long, and you probably don’t ever order the same pizza twice.

Round Table Pizza is ready to help you the next time you want to order pizza delivery in Morgan Hill. Our create-your-own-pizza option allows you to choose all of your favorite pizza toppings, or you can order one of our specialty pizzas. Visit our convenient location for takeout pizza, or call us today at (408) 779-6300 to place a pizza delivery order.

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