Sandwiches: The Perfect Food

Sandwiches are the ideal meal or snack, and can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways. They’re a convenient food to eat on the go, and aren’t overly filling or unhealthy. If you’re craving a sandwich and don’t have the right fixings at home, you can easily order one from your local pizza delivery place. In case you aren’t yet convinced, here are some reasons why sandwiches truly are the perfect food.

Sandwiches Offer Limitless Variety

Whether you like overstuffed sandwiches full of different meats, cheeses, and vegetables, or you’re a vegetarian who wants to enjoy a cold veggie sub doused in Italian dressing, you can create the perfect sandwich for your palette. The vast number of ingredients available with which you can customize a sandwich at any pizza restaurant, sandwich shop, or Italian restaurant makes it one of the most versatile foods around.

They Are Affordable and Convenient

Not only are sandwiches incredibly affordable for virtually anyone’s budget, they are also very convenient. Sandwiches can be made at home with easily purchased ingredients ranging from very simple, to insanely complex. You can also find sandwiches at local pizza places, restaurants, and delis. A sandwich can be comfortably eaten with one hand while you work or commute, making them the perfect meal to eat while on the go.

They Have Universal Appeal

Throughout different cultures and across different countries, sandwiches are enjoyed in some form. Whether it’s a hamburger, a gyro, or a basic sub sandwich, almost everyone can find one that appeals to him. Just by combining freshly baked bread, delicious meats or cheeses, crisp, juicy vegetables, and your pick of an almost endless variety of specialty toppings, you have created a meal that will appeal to everyone.

If you’re craving a sandwich from your local pizza place in Morgan Hill, check out our sandwich menu at Round Table Pizza. We offer made-to-order specialty sandwiches that are prepared with fresh ingredients, and toasted in our pizza oven. To place an order for pick up or delivery, just call us now at (408) 779-6300.

A Closer Look at Round Table Appetizers

Round Table Pizza Morgan Hill AppetizersAppetizers can start your meal off right by whetting your appetite and making your main course pizza even more special. The heavenly smell coming from the pizza ovens while you wait makes an appetizer such as spicy chicken wings even better. When you’re at our pizza place in Morgan Hill, you have a great opportunity to make a meal even better with one of our appetizers.

Finger foods are fun, and our aromatic garlic twists and chicken wings are a good start to a meal. You can choose from two types of chicken wings, and both come with your choice of BBQ, Polynesian, or our spicy Buffalo sauce. You can also tone down the Buffalo sauce to mild or medium. Our classic wings come with crunchy celery to add to the flavor and texture, while you can add extra zip to the flavor of our boneless wings by dipping them in the accompanying ranch dressing for a real taste sensation.

At Round Table Morgan Hill, we offer even more than our great pizza specials. You can enjoy our tasty appetizers and share them with friends to experience exciting flavor combinations as a prelude to a succulent pizza. To order your own pizza today, call (408) 779-6300.

Tips for Dining With Kids at a Pizza Restaurant

Parties and Round Table Morgan Hill

Eating out is a treat for the entire family, and a few easy tips for dining with your kids can make it more enjoyable for everyone. A pizza place is a great choice because it offers a casual atmosphere that is family oriented, and pizza is a favorite food for most people, especially children. Enjoying pizza in Morgan Hill as a family makes a great outing where parents and children alike can have a great time.

Planning Your Pizza Meal
A little advance planning can work wonders. You might want to plan to eat your meal at the pizza place earlier than usual because tired kids can get restless. For smaller children, bring along several toys, crayons, a favorite book or other things to keep them busy until the pizza is ready. When you want to enjoy an evening out with your family, a little planning can heighten the experience.

Ordering Pizza with Kids Along
Although mom and dad might prefer a specialty pizza, kids are more selective in what they eat. It might be a good idea to let your kids choose their own personal pizzas and allow the children to place their own orders. For smaller kids, letting them help you decide on the order enhances their sense of involvement. It also lets kids practice their best manners in public.

Choosing a Table on Family Pizza Night
When going into the pizza restaurant, it might be a good idea to ask for a corner or out-of-the-way table. It gives your family more privacy and provides less distraction than sitting in the middle of the restaurant.

For a family night out, you can always count on Round Table Morgan Hill for great pizza. Try one of our premium specialty pizzas or get creative and design your own. We also provide a great spot for your events and parties. Call (408) 779-6300 for home delivery, and visit our website to find out about our specials.

What Your Pizza Toppings Say About Your Personality

Everyone knows what they like when ordering pizza delivery, and what you like may reflect your personality. This fun video lets you know what your pizza order says about you. Pizza delivery in Morgan Hill lets you express your personality through our great selection of pizzas and sides.

You might find out that you are family-oriented. Maybe you are a cautious person or someone who is assertive and thinks competition is the spice of life. Perhaps your choice of what the pizza delivery man brings says you are loving and supportive. Watch the video and you may be surprised!

Pizza is delicious, no matter what type of personality you have. Order your favorite pizza from Round Table Morgan Hill, and top your order off with crispy spiced wings or fragrant garlic twists. For great service and prompt delivery, call (408) 779-6300 today!

Amazing Facts About Pizza

Facts about PizzaWhen you’re hungry, your pizza restaurant in Morgan Hill can provide you with the great meal you’re looking for. You’re not alone in craving pizza—did you know that 95 percent of everyone in the U.S. eats pizza at least once a month? Here are some interesting facts about pizza that you may not know.

When Was Pizza Invented?
Pizza has been around since 1738 when it was invented in Naples, Italy. That means it has been eaten and enjoyed for more than 275 years.

When Did Pizza Come to the U.S.?
The first pizzeria that opened in the United States was in the city of New York in 1895. Since then, eating pizza has become so popular that in 1987 the month of October was named National Pizza Month. Fresh pizzas sold in the country every year total three billion, with an additional one billion sold as frozen pizzas.

What Are the Most Popular Pizza Toppings?
The favorite topping for pizza is pepperoni, which is ordered as an ingredient by about 36 percent of all customers. Women order vegetarian pizza more than twice as often as men, but the average American consumes about 23 pounds of pizza per year.

What Were the Most Amazing Pizzas?
For the most outrageous pizza party, the cost of one pizza was reported as $2,745 and the pizza was topped with edible gold, smoked salmon from Scotland, venison medallions, caviar soaked in champagne, and cognac marinated lobster. It was named the Valentine pizza by creator Domenico Crolla. The largest pizza made was over 122 feet across and weighed over 13 tons. It was made in 1990 in South Africa.

When Is Pizza Eaten Most?
Seventeen percent of all restaurants in the country are pizzerias, which attests to the continuing popularity of pizza. The most popular days to buy pizza during the year are Super Bowl Sunday, Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving, and over the New Year’s holiday.

Are you hungry yet? Call Round Table Morgan Hill today at (408) 779-6300 to try one of our specialty pizzas, sandwiches, or appetizers. You’re sure to love the fresh taste of all of our quality selections.

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