Little Known Facts about Pizza

You probably count pizza as one of your favorite meals and rely on it as something that your kids will always enjoy. However, there is more to pizza than that! Watch this video to learn a few facts about pizza that might just surprise you.

Did you know that pizza originated as just a simple piece of flatbread? It was topped with whatever foods and garnishes were available at the time, such as tomatoes, sardines, and cheese. Pizza was just as quick and convenient when it was first invented as it is today. Naples, Italy, was the home of the very first pizzerias, but pizza quickly grew in popularity across Europe and to the United States.

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The Evolution of Pizza Through the Ages

With its sweet crust, succulent cheese, and savory toppings, pizza is one of the world's most loved foods. From Manhattan to Morgan Hill, there is at least one pizza place for every community. In a sense, it's hard to imagine a time when there was no pizza. But despite the consumption of flatbreads with toppings as far back as Ancient Egypt, pizza in its current form has only existed since the early 19th century.

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Naples: The Birthplace of Pizza
Pizza developed in the early 1800s as an inexpensive, easy-to-prepare food choice for the working class citizens of Naples. After Naples was joined with Italy in 1861, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita took a liking to good pizza, which they saw as an alternative to French food. The queen was partial to one particular recipe consisting of white cheese, tomatoes, and basil; that good pizza became her namesake: the Margherita.

Pizza Arrives in the U.S.
The late 1800s and early 1900s saw a mass migration of Neapolitans to the United States, and with them came pizza. They settled in places like New York, Boston, and Chicago, where the food vendors among them began selling pizzas to their fellow emigres. Soon enough, the smell and taste of good pizza began attracting American natives. In 1905, America's first pizza place, Lombardi's, was established in Manhattan.

Pizza Conquers the World
Following World War II, more Italians settled in other states and pizza soared in popularity across America. No longer seen as an exotic food, pizza was now being made to suit localized tastes. The phenomenon even spread back to Europe, where pizza was ironically viewed as an American cuisine. Eventually, pizza delivery chains were established to help satiate America's appetite for this tasty food.

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Finding Your Pizza Personality

The way you order your pizza can offer a lot of hints about your personality. From plain cheese to elaborate pies with multiple toppings, this delicacy represents you more about you than you might realize. Keep reading to figure out what your pizza toppings say about you as a person:

People who opt for plain cheese pizzas tend to have analytical personalities. Those who choose pepperoni are more likely to be team players. I f you order onions, you most likely have an adventurous spirit. If you lean toward sausage, you are probably an honest and straightforward person.

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Ordering a Healthier Pizza Option

With a plethora of toppings available at your favorite pizza place, you can enjoy a meal that is both nutritious and delicious. The next time you go out for pizza, consider ordering one of the following healthier options:

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Keep It Simple
If you want a healthier pizza, you should stick to the simplest menu items available. Opt for thin crust over stuffed or pan options. Choose plain marinara sauce as opposed to thicker, creamier options. Ask for a small amount of cheese on your pizza to keep your calorie count lower.

Go Crazy with Vegetables
If you want some flavor for your pizza, vegetable toppings are the way to go for a healthier option. Feel free to order as much spinach, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, green peppers, chopped garlic, and jalapenos as you want. You can add a few black olives and a little bit of pineapple to increase the taste even more. The right vegetable combinations give you a healthy, flavorful pizza that will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Be Careful with Your Meat Choices
If you do add meat to your pizza, try to choose leaner meat like grilled chicken or a fish option like shrimp. Although salami, bacon, ham, pepperoni, and Italian sausage might be your go-to pizza toppings, they are not the healthiest options.  

Watch Your Portions
Each piece of pizza has about 300 calories. If you want to keep your meal on the healthier side, you should definitely stick to one or two pieces. Try to start your meal with some soup or salad to fill up a bit before you get to the actual pizza.

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Tracing the Origins of Pizza

Pizza has existed in some form since the 6th century BCE. Persian soldiers used to bake flat bread on their shields and there is even evidence that the residents of Pompeii used to enjoy this delicacy.

After tomatoes were imported from Peru in the 16th century, pizza underwent a makeover. Pizza made its way to the Americas in the 1900s, but did not gain popularity until after World War II. Check out this video to learn more about the history of pizza.

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